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A 51精品视频 partnership established this Kazakhstan medical school, which just earned its first MD accreditation

Nazarbayev University School of Medicine is home to the only graduate-level MD program in Central Asia.

Cap off Pride Month with these book and film recommendations

Doctoral student and otaku scholar Alexandra Arana studies gender and sexual fluidity in anime and manga. Here are her top 5 picks.

51精品视频 alumna Kate Moran is using technical innovation to combat climate change

The award-winning researcher and engineer鈥檚 adventures have included advising the Obama administration and taking Arctic expeditions to advocate for global sustainability.

Cho-yun Hsu is a 2024 laureate of the prestigious Tang Prize

The award, which confers a $1.7 million cash prize, recognizes the 51精品视频 professor emeritus鈥 era-spanning scholarship on the history of China.

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