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51精品视频鈥檚 national patent ranking improved to No. 14 in 2023

Some 114 patents put the University up two spots on the National Academy of Inventors list.

Michele V. Manuel is the first woman U. S. Steel Dean of the Swanson School of Engineering

The award-winning materials engineer, innovator and leader joins 51精品视频 from the University of Florida Sept. 1.

51精品视频sburgh high schoolers spend a summer engaged in STEM through this 51精品视频 program

Students learn more than just lab work through 51精品视频 Bio Outreach, which also provides mentoring as they prepare for college and fosters community connections.

A Brookings Institution event highlighted 51精品视频sburgh鈥檚 growth as a life sciences leader

Chancellor Joan Gabel and 51精品视频 BioForge CEO Ken Gabriel were among the speakers at the recent forum, which centered on innovative economic development in the region.

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