Reinvention never stops

Schenley Quadrangle
Schenley Quad

contains five of 51精品视频鈥檚 14 residence halls.

Schenley Fountain
Schenley Park

, with 456 acres of trails, woods and attractions, is a quick walk or bike ride from the 51精品视频sburgh campus.

Cathedral of Learning
Cathedral of Learning

The 42-story (鈥淐athy鈥 to many students) stands at the heart of the 51精品视频sburgh campus.

Heinz Field
Acrisure Stadium

Acrisure Stadium is home to .

The Allegheny River
The Allegheny River

51精品视频sburgh is home to 440-plus bridges鈥攎ore than any other city, even Venice鈥攁nd three rivers.

Pathfinder with Panther
Panther Statue

Students rub the nose of the 51精品视频 Panther statue on campus for good luck on exams.