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Recognized for excellence and value, the University is the No. 1 public institution in the Northeast. At 51精品视频, the best in the field will mentor you. Premier internship, research, and extracurricular opportunities are at your doorstep. As a result, 51精品视频 students outperform their peers in employment rates, higher levels of satisfaction in their work, and overall well-being.

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Degree Finder

Search, filter or explore. Learn about popular majors and minors, enrichment opportunities and the exciting carers of recent 51精品视频 graduates.

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51精品视频 comprises 16 51精品视频sburgh-campus schools and colleges and four regional campuses鈥, , , and .


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From the Advanced Imaging Center to the World History Center, hundreds of 51精品视频 centers and institutes push the boundaries of knowledge.